Oh Yah! You're Engaged
You are beginning a magical time in your life.
You are a princess-in-waiting, and your wedding will be your coronation.
In the months ahead, you will make some very important decisions
that will help you plan the ultimate fairy-tale day...

Welcome to your Fun and Fabulous Wedding!

Wedding Reception
Package Details
Wedding Reception
Add-ons Options
  • Consultation before Event
    • Up to 5 hours of pre-meetings
    • Wedding Planning Documents
      • Wedding party introduction sheet
      • Reception information sheet
      • Reception example timeline/agenda

  • Ceremony/Reception Music
    • Reception Games Music
    • List of Top 50 current radio music
    • List of Top 200 all time dance music
    • List of 50's,60's,70's,80's,90's, & 2000
    • We play your "Must Play" list
    • We accept your guest's request as well 

  • Cocktail Hour Sound System (Free)
    • Small sound system for separate room
    • Indoors or Outdoors

  • Reception Sound System
    • Up to 5 Hours
    • Professional sound system
    • Sound for 100 to 500 guest

  • Full MC service
    • Master of Ceremonies
    • Add excitement to your Grand Entrance
    • Add transitions between events
    • Ensure your wedding will flow smoothly

  • DJ Service
    • Club Style Dance Mixing
      • We blend music to create a fun and exciting atmosphere
      • We do not fade over at end of song
    • Microphones
      • One wireless microphone
      • One wired microphone
    • Dance Floor Lighting
      • Lights change with beat of music
    • Interactive DJs, line dances
    • Large music collection
    • Backup System

  • Setup and tear down time
    • Setup and Tear Down time is included
    • We arrive 2-3 hours before even starts
    • Two hour setup time
    • Two hour break down time

  • Deposit

Wedding Reception Add-ons are additional features you would like to have at your receptions like Ceremony Sound Package or Up Lighting.

Click on links below for Add-on details.


  1. Wedding Ceremony Sound Package

  2. Wedding "All White" Package

  3. Dancing on the Clouds Package

  4. Up Lighting Package
     - Computer Controlled Dynamic Lighting, not Static
     - Wireless, Colors changes to the beat of music

  5. Large Columns Package

  6. Monogram Projection Package

  7. Dance Floor Projection Package

  8. Cake and Head Table Lighting Package

  9. Intelligent Lighting Package
    - Moving Heads Lighting, Club Style Lighting

  10. Video Screen and Projector Package

  11. Trivia Challenge (Face Off) Package

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Wedding Add-ons Options

This is a detailed description of
"Add-ons" that are to be added to your Wedding Reception Package listed above.


Wedding Ceremony Sound Package

  • Three Wireless Microphones

    • Lapel microphone for Officiate

    • Lapel microphone for Groom

    • Hand held microphone for Book Reader

  • Music:

    • Prelude: Classical music as guest arrive

    • Processional: Wedding party entrance

    • Ceremony: Bride entrance music

    • Recessional: Exit wedding music

  • Separate BOSE Sound System


Wedding "All White" Package

  • Ceremony and Reception speakers and other DJ equipment are dresses in white fabric to match your wedding theme or to have the equipment blend in to the background.


Dancing on the Clouds Package

  • Low lying (Dry Ice) fog cloud effect

  • Primary use during First dance

  • Second use during slow dance for guest later in evening

  • Used twice during event



Up Lighting Package

  • Dynamic lighting, Not Static

  • Lights are placed at the base of a wall and pointed up

  • Up to 24 LED up light units to cover 4 walls

  • No Heat (Children Safe)All remotely linked to one light controller wirelessly

  • Battery Operated, No cords across door ways

  • Add ambiance by providing background mood lighting

  • Choose any color


Large Columns Package

  • Two 12 foot Tall Columns

  • Two 6 feet Tall Columns

  • All are uplit and connected to dance lighting controller

  • These can define a dance floor or space

  • Lights change to the beat of the music during dancing


Monogram Projection Package

  • Names and Date projected on dance floor or wall

  • Company or custom logo projected on wall

  • Static image



Dance Floor Projection Package

  • Theatrical stage projection lighting

  • Image can be thrown on the floor or large wall

  • Sample Images: Hearts. Stars and Floral Pattern

  • Color can be changed to match theme

  • Static image 



Cake and Head Table Lighting Package

  • Two long throw projection narrow beam wash lighting

  • One light ti hightlight the Cake

  • One light to and the other for the Head Table

  • Make your fabulous cake stand out and POP!


Intelligent Lighting Package

  • Two intelligent moving head gobo projector lights

  • Can be used as a dance floor wash with breakup pattern

  • Can be used as a spot for grand entrance

  • Can be use to spot light a cake

  • Movement in X/Y direction with 360 degree rotation

  • Advanced dance floor party lighting


Video Screen and Projector Package

  • We have two Video Projector Screen

    • Small Screen: 6ft x 4ft

    • Large Screen: 8ft x 10ft

  • Two High Power Projectors (One for Backup laptop Included to Play Media

  • Play Photos, MP4 Media and DVDs

  • Send us your pictures and we will put them in to a video slide show for you.


Trivia Challange (Face Off) Game Package