Credit Card Payment

If you want to pay by credit card then here are instructions on Credit Card Payment.

  1. On the web site I have a payment option.


  2. On the bottom right side there is a “Pay Now” Button.

  3. This window appears.

  4. Click "Pay Now" at the bottom of the windows to access Credit Card Portal

    1. Left Side - In “Item Price” enter the amount you wish to pay.

    2. Click Update to see the “Amount” change from $0.00 to new amount.

  5. You now have two options:

    1. Pay via PAYPAL

      1. Enter your Paypal information on the right and login.

    2. Pay via CREDIT CARD

      1. Click on “Don’t have a PayPal Account?"

      2. Window will expand showing the fields to enter Credit Card number and your information.

      3. Down below, Click “ADD” Enter specific details for your event.

      4. Example: “John Smith - $250 Deposit for Wedding on 10/01/2016”

      5. Click Pay

    I will then send you a confirmation e-mail stating I have received your payment.